Trinidad Carnival Mas Bands

Did you know that there are actually way more carnival mas bands than most people realise? There’s a band for everyone. Use this list to try to find the band for you. This list is by no means exhaustive.

Most bands have open registration, meaning you can just go to their website, pick your costume and register. However, for some the bands (Bliss, Harts, Lost Tribe, Pure, ROGUE, Spirit, Tribe) you will first need to get an invitation from the band or its committee members to be able to access the registration website. Sometimes, this can be difficult if you do not know a committee member, especially for the more popular bands. If you need assistance, you can sign up for our Costume Concierge service.

Band Website Instagram Size 2025 Theme 2025 Band Launch
Last updated: May 4, 2024
Adrenaline City Carnival @adrenalinecitycarnival Small    
Amazon   @amazon_carnival      
Bliss @blisscarnivaltt     July ,7 2024
Dream Carnival TT @dreamcarnivaltt      
Escape Carnival Band   @carnivalescapeband Small    
Exousia Mas @exousiamas Medium    
Harts @hartscarnival     July 6, 2024
Have Ah Time Mas Band   @trinidadhaveahtim      
Image Nation Mas   @imagenationmas Medium    
Jam The Band @jamthebandcarnival      
K2K Alliance @k2kcarnival Medium    
Kinetic Mas @kinetic_mas Medium    
Legacy @legacycarnival      
Lost Tribe @losttribecarnival Large   Jul  5/6, 2024
Majestik Mas   @majestikmas_tt      
Mardi Gras TT   @MardiGrasTT      
Paparazzi @paparazzicarnival    Canvas: Rhythm & Art  Jul 13, 2024
Petlemas Carnival Band @petlemas Medium    
Pure @purecarnival_tt     Jul 6, 2024
Resonate Mas @resonatecarnival      
ROGUE @carnivalrogue     Jul 6, 2024
Ronnie & Caro @ronnieandcaro    Shall We Dance July 12, 2024
Secrets Mas @secretsmas      
Showtime Carnival @showtimecarnivalmas Large    
Spirit Mas   @spiritmas   Spirit Island  
Tribe @carnivaltribe Large   July 6, 2024
Utopia @utopiamas      
Wee Mas @wee_mas      
WeMasTT @wemastt      
Yuma @yumavibe Large   June 29, 2024

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