BANDS HAVE LAUNCHED: What do I need for costume registration?
In other words, what should you do while waiting for costume registration?
How to Prepare
Here’s what you’ll need for your costume registration: registration invitation, costume choice, costume sizing, downpayment.
Registration invite: For some bands, you first have to secure an invite to access the registration website. This means being invited by either the band, one of its committee members or someone from a section’s designer or marketing teams. Don’t know a committee member or  want to run down someone for an invite? Jump & Wine offers registration assistance via our Costume Concierge packages.

Costume of choice: Use the time between band launch and registration opening to decide on your costume. Ensure that when costume registration opens, you at least have your top 3 (in order). Remember that within a band, there will be several sections (usually about 7 – 10). Each band has a theme for the year and a section is essentially a subtheme. Within each section, there can be frontline, midline and backline costumes. Frontline is usually more expensive and more revealing. Backline is more conservative and less expensive. Midline is the middle ground. At band launch, you predominantly see the frontline options so other options will be available once the websites launch.

  • If you are joining the trip with a friend/s, you don’t have to be in the same section unless you ABSOLUTELY want to cross the stage with your friends and cannot go through that without them. Everyone in the same section (backline, frontline, males) crosses the stage together.
  • Otherwise, you can be on the road with your friend if you are in different sections. So, it’s fine to have different tastes and to choose different sections. Honestly, it’s easy to lose track of your friends on the stage anyway, and it’s 5-10 minutes out of hours on the road each day, so I’m an advocate for choosing the costume you want, even if it’s different from your friends’. You want to be happy with your choice at the end of the day.
  • If you are playin’ mas with ROGUE, they do not cross the stage in sections so you don’t have to factor that into your decision if wanting to cross the stage with friends.
  • Men of ROGUE: This band only has one male section. You’ll essentially just have to decide if you want to get the basic package or the actual costume.

Costume sizing: If you don’t currently know your bra and waist sizes, now is a good time to head to an underwear store and find out. Most bra and underwear stores (in the US) offer free sizing so they are a great option for professional help. You will need to submit this information when you make your costume selection. Remember, once you submit your registration, you will not be able to make a change (officially). I say officially because sometimes bands have extra costume pieces and allow you to change when the costume is collected but that isn’t guaranteed so you have to make the best choice when you register.

  • Men: Ensure you know your tshirt and (numerical) waistband size.

Downpayment: Your costume will not be booked until you make your downpayment. The downpayment amount due at registration usually depends on if you choose frontline or backline/male. We recommend budgeting about $450 (backline/male) /$600 (frontline) for your downpayment. You should be able to make this payment online using a credit/debit card (Visa or Mastercard). Sometimes your credit card company might decline the transaction since it’s a foreign transaction so be prepared to call your bank if that happens then retry. That usually solves that issue.

This is an exciting time y’all. I hope you’re feeling it!



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