Trinidad Carnival 2024 Fete List

Trinidad Carnival is usually held on the Monday and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday annually, with days, weeks and months of festivities preceding the parades. Jump & Wine Travel hosts trips to participate in Trinidad Carnival. This year, the parades of Trinidad Carnival will on Monday, February 12 (Monday Mas) and Tuesday, February 13 (Tuesday Mas) respectively.

Jump & Wine recommends traveling to Trinidad from Thursday, February 8 – Thursday, February 15. This way, you can get there in time to collect your costume or you can book our costume collection package. If possible, we highly recommend visiting earlier. There are some pretty good fetes that happen during the week before carnival.

During the days leading up to and after the parade, there are numerous fetes that you can participate in. Here are a list of fetes to consider for Trinidad Carnival. This is a living list and subject to updates as more information becomes available. Please note, the list is also for informational purposes and might include affiliate links. As of November 2023, some fetes are not yet confirmed so this list will grow as more fetes are confirmed.

If you’re looking at this list and feeling overwhelmed. There’s a simple solution. Book one of our packages for Trinidad Carnival 2023 and we’ll handle the planning for you. Three premium fetes are included in our standard package, in addition to transportation to each, and you can always add more. For more details, see the trip page.

Happy Fete-ing!

Friday, February 2
Saturday, February 3
Sunday, February 4
Monday, February 5
Tuesday, February 6
Wednesday, February 7
Thursday, February 8
Friday, February 9
Saturday, February 10
Sunday, February 11
Wednesday, February 14
Thursday, February 15
Friday, February 16
Saturday, February 17
Fete Packages

There are a few options for discounted fete packages. Here are some options to consider:

ACE Weekend $150.00 7 fetes
Euphoria Atlanta $150.00 5 fetes
ASA Weekend $170.00 9 fetes

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